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  1. By the encore, Sting dumped the Errol Flynn cast-off and played bare-chested to the squealing delight of the predominantly female powermetal.faukorafelorejohelm.infoinfo the new stuff, it was a tossup for me between 'She's Too Good For Me' and 'Heavy Cloud No Rain' as the best of the jazz/rock fusions.
  2. live versions of “Message In A Bottle,” “Demolition Man” and “Heavy Cloud No Rain” (full track listing included below). Sting: The Best Of 25 Years was produced by Rob Mathes and Executive Produced by Sting’s longtime manager, Kathryn Schenker. Also recently announced, Sting: 25 .
  3. I was really quite emotional, it was clear i was having the time of my life, Sting could clearly see me rockin' out, the whole audience were singing their hearts out, maybe there is some life in this audience after all, sending out an S.O.S. superb.
  4. Sting, a former teacher, decided to get us singing properly 'Voices Inside My Head', but after a couple attempts he went on smoothly to 'When The World Is Running Down'. I worship its version from 'Bring On The Night' LP, but the art of Lyle Workman's made me not long for the crazy piano of Kenny Kirkland and Branford Marsalis's hiphop impromptu.
  5. 'Seven Days' and 'Heavy Cloud No Rain' are typical of his later work with jazz and funk twists, but they are tunes that creep into your head and stay there. The band this time is stripped back; Sting on bass with a guit ar ist and drummer and piano legend David Sancious.
  6. Jul 09,  · Take me to the life of crime Take me to the stars Take me to the moon while we still have time After the rain has fallen After the tears have washed your .
  7. Sting Heavy Cloud No Rain lyrics & video: Turned on the weather man just after the news I needed sweet rain to wash away my blues He looked at the chart but he look in vain He.
  8. Heavy Cloud (No Rain) Sting Buy but he look in vain Heavy cloud, but no rain Well the land was cracking and the river was dry All the crops were dying when they ought to be high So to save his farm from the banker's draft The farmer took out a book on some old witchcraft He made a spell and a potion on a midsummer's night He killed a.

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