6 thoughts on “ The Domes Of Atma - O Head* - Silent Universe (File, Album)

  1. Jul 08,  · Atma’s music is in the vein of pleasant FullOn beats with charming melodies, nice samples and party to the groove. His approach on making a nice ride for the listener with sprinkling flow and heighten observation is what makes his debut album, Beyond /5(40).
  2. Yob - Atma Lyrics. This dream of fullness This fleeting glimpse The wind blowing through the trees Red rising sun Hues of the living The gasp of the dying.
  3. Atma, honestly is no different then any other YOB album, musically. We still have our growls and our clean vocals, and it has really not changed. I noticed a bit more distortion and reverb on the mic, but honestly, I have really always thought that the only YOB album that sounded a .
  4. In contrast to the individual soul, the Atma is Universal. It is the “Light of Life” in all beings. The relationship between the Atma, the individual consciousness and spirit, can be illustrated by the following example. The Atma is the light, the light bulb is the individual and the beam of light that radiates from the lamp is the spirit.
  5. Sep 28,  · Atma or Svyam Runa or Rin as per traditional Hindu astrology and religious scriptures refers to as the debts or sins committed in the past life, which have to be settled in the present life. In this post, are given the causes, planetary indicators, indications and .
  6. Andrei Oliver Braşovean aka ATMA (born 20 August in Sibiu) is a Romanian composer, performer and electronic music producer.. Andrei Oliver Brasovean is one of the pioneers of electronic music in Eastern Europe. Born in Sibiu (Romania) and now living in .

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