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  1. ‘Universal’ truth is a matter of consensus. Personal truth is a matter of experiences and conception. While perception grounds our pre-existing conceptions. Truth for the sake of argumentation is a premise we take for granted. For instance, I assu.
  2. WHALEFACE/Mind Your Pros And Cons. アメリカのWhalefaceの1stフルです。 #10 Truth Is #11 Gunslinger #12 Lost In Transition #1 Fuck Your Flags #2 Cutting Cracks In The Glazier's Cage #3 Butterflies & Unicorns.
  3. Oct 03,  · I'm not saying the pros outweigh the cons by any means, since there are economically viable synthetic alternatives to just about any potential whale product. It is possible that getting them directly from whales may still be cheaper or higher quality, I don't know.
  4. Sep 16,  · Ever since I was a little girl i have always wanted to be a Killer whale trainer. Of course I never realized how controversial captivity was. Pro Captivity There is so much we can learn from Orcas.
  5. Energy! Melody! Tempo! Ah, the holy trinity of good, catchy punk rock. Served up in heaps on stand-out tracks on Mind Your Pros and Cons. Layered vocal harmonies and inventive break-downs set WHALEFACE apart from the vast majority of bands mining similar territories.
  6. ★玉石混交、思いつくまま気の向くまま、テキトーに、その日の気分で紹介。音楽聴いて何かを得よう、とか思ってる人は読まないほうが身のためです。当面の目標は1万枚紹介です。.

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